Scholarships and Awards

Jazz Foundation awards encourage students, teachers

The Sacramento Jazz Education Foundation encourages promising traditional jazz musicians and notable jazz educators with awards and scholarships.

Young musicians learning to play jazz with expert instruction and feedback are the key to preserving this traditional art form. Scholarships, music lesson sponsorship’s and recognition from the foundation give many kids opportunities to learn and practice what they might otherwise miss.

In addition to awards for students, many of our local schools have excellent music teachers worthy of recognition. The Foundation presents a Jazz Educator Award to standout teachers for programs that lead to exceptional achievements in traditional jazz.

Most of the awards are given out at the annual Traditional Jazz Youth Band Festival. Music lessons awards are presented each November.

Teagarden Jazz Camp Scholarships

Each year the Foundation awards several scholarships to the Foundation’s Teagarden Jazz Camp. These are either half or full scholarships and are awarded to exceptional musicians who perform at the Traditional Jazz Youth Band Festival.

  • Rita Reed Jazz Camp Scholarship sponsored by Pat and Bob Porter
  • Tom & Jan Arnold Memorial Jazz Camp Scholarship sponsored by the Arnold Family for Outstanding Leadership 

Bob Draga Clarinet Award Scholarship 
$500 given annually to:

  • Outstanding High School Clarinetist

Kenton O. Smith Traditional Jazz College Scholarship sponsored by Laura Lee Humes
$500 given annually to:

  • Outstanding Sacramento State Musician
  • Outstanding College Musician

Music Lesson Awards
$300 value to:

  • 1 Outstanding Elementary or Middle School Musician
  • 2 Outstanding High School Musician

Dillon Weatherly Memorial Award
$500 given annually to:

  • Outstanding High School Trumpet

James Rocoo Fusaro Vocal Scholarship sponsored by Mark and Meredith Henderson and Carol Fusaro
$500 given annually to:

  • 2  Outstanding High School Vocalists

Stan Cummings Memorial Scholarship sponsored by Bev Anderson and Phil Anderson
$500 given annually to:

  • Outstanding High School Banjo

The Foundation reserves the right to adjust rewards based on availability of funds.